Susan’s Thoughts

I remember the silence around me
All those years ago
Everyone was being nice
Coming to visit me

I knew that something was wrong
But afraid to ask you see
For if I did I knew I’d be told
I was suffering from the big C

I may not have spoken but listened
To advice that was given to me
About my condition and treatment
Medication especially!!

That was how it was
All those years ago
Everyone was told but me
They couldn’t talk about it
It was the C word you see

But things are so much better now
Which I am pleased to see
No one should live in silence
Afraid to speak about the big C

I often sit and wonder
If things had been different then
If I’d had someone to talk to
Would my life be different now

We can’t turn back the clock
And what will be will be
And it’s nice to know with Butterfly
There is support for you and me.