Our Background

Butterfly was founded by a Newcastle upon Tyne patient following her own diagnosis with Thyroid Cancer in June 2000.

Everyone involved works on a voluntary basis and has either had the disease or been closely involved in the care and support of someone who has.

We are a patient support organisation working closely alongside, and with the full support of, the Multi-Disciplinary Thyroid Cancer Care Team in Newcastle.

His Grace the Duke of Northumberland
Dr Clive Harmer MB FRCR FRCP
Dr R Michael Tuttle
Professor Markus Luster, University of Ulm, Germany

Mr F W Stafford FRCS
Mrs A J Harding
Ms C McGreal
Mr J Salter
Mr.R Bliss FRCS

Medical Advisor:
Dr J. Wadsley FRCR

Founder / Director:
Mrs K A Farnell MBE

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust has been supported with educational grants from:

Sanofi Genzyme - RVB - Colors 274 - trimmedbayerastra