Anonymous Thoughts

Thyroid Cancer – no matter . . .

Hearing the news is terrifying no matter how good the statistics are.
Having your throat cut is terrifying no matter how many times you are told you scar will heal.
Having a positive attitude is a must no matter how scared you are.

Having the opportunity to make the most of your life no matter how awful you feel.
Having loved ones around you no matter how much you want to hide away.
Having a smile on your face no matter how many stares & glares you get at your neck.

It’s all about getting on with live and appreciating what you’ve got but sometimes just having to take your medication every morning can be an unwanted reminder.

If I hadn’t choked while eating a chocolate biscuit I probably wouldn’t have noticed the lump on my neck.
If my son hadn’t recently had mumps I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Doctor.
If I hadn’t been referred to the Consultant I wouldn’t have known I had thyroid cancer.

If I hadn’t had my thyroid removed they wouldn’t have been able to “zap” me with radioactive iodine to kill off any thyroid cells (good or bad).
If they hadn’t “zapped” me I would still have cancer.
If I hadn’t gone to the NCCC I wouldn’t have found Butterfly with it’s support and help and I wouldn’t have met the fellow patients I now consider friends.

If I hadn’t been so tired during my treatment I wouldn’t have appreciated what it is to have a bit of energy.
If I hadn’t felt so rotten some days I wouldn’t realise how much better I feel now.
If I hadn’t been scared and emotional at times I wouldn’t have been normal.

If I hadn’t been ill I wouldn’t have realised how much my friends and work colleagues cared and looked out for me.
If I hadn’t been ill I might not have seen just how much my family loved me.
Now I know what I’m facing and I know who I’m facing it with and there’s a lot to be thankful for.