Your Follow Up Appointment

Commencement of T4 (thyroid hormone replacement) will take place following your RAI, usually on the day you are discharged from hospital.

You will be given a follow up clinic appointment for six to seven weeks following treatment.

If you have any medical concerns during this time you can contact Thyroid Cancer Specialist Nurse, your Consultant’ secretary ,Hospital Ward by calling the hospital switchboard: 0191 2336161.

Patient support is available during this time from the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust Helpline.

At your follow up appointment you will be asked how you are feeling following treatment and have a neck examination and blood tests done (T3/T4, thyroglobulin and calcium, if necessary).

Any required adjustment in medication can be made following the results of these tests and you will be informed in writing of your results.

You will be seen routinely every three months for the first 18 months or so following treatment.