Low Iodine Diet

To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and/or the result of the diagnostic test, we recommend a well balanced diet that is low in Iodine.

Therefore for two weeks before your appointment please follow the advice given below.

  • Do eat fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, fresh and frozen meats, rice, pasta and potatoes, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine, tea, coffe and soya milk, plain fats and oils (non-diary), olive oil spread, fresh and homemade bread.
  • Try not to eat seafood and fish, cows’/goats’ milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and butter, egg yolks. Avoid food from restaurants, fast-food chains and takeaways.
    Some cough mixtures and health foods (such as seaweed, kelp, cod liver oil, vitamins and mineral supplements) contain iodine. If the label lists iodine, do no take the supplement while on this diet.
  • The best way to ensure to make sure of the iodine content is to prepare your food from fresh ingredients listed in the box. Table salt and sea salt with no added iodine may be used. Please do not stop taking any of your regular medicines without speaking to your Thyroid Team.

Read our Low Iodine Diet information sheet.