Michelle’s Thoughts

MichelleSo what is health anyway?
“At least you’ve got your health . . .”. That’s what they say isn’t it, when everything else in life is going wrong?
But is that all that life’s about – a nice big tick on the health and fitness chart?

I’ve had cancer my whole adult life, I’ve never escaped it; I’ve never been in the holy land called “remission”. I’ve had bits chopped out that I’d never even heard of and worried about complications I can’t even pronounce.

I’m 32 now and I’m told despite everything I’m “remarkably” healthy . . . hmmm, wonder how I managed that. Maybe because it’s not remarkable to want to live life, to want to seize every day and breathe it in: to say “you know what, I don’t want to be remarkable, I just want a big glass of wine and cake” – and to love every second of it.

So, if health is waking up every morning with the love of my life next to me then I’m healthy. If health is fitting into a size ten dress, drinking cocktails and dancing with my friends until 2 am than I’m healthy.
If health is watching my step-daughter ride her bike through the park while I run behind her then I’m healthy.

I can smile, laugh, love, cry all in one day.
I make plans, I dream, I want.
I see a future, I remember a past and I live a present.
I am strong, determined, happy and a little more aware than some.
I live each moment, each hour, each day and I’m thankful for it.

If health is growing old without any appreciation of being young, than I I’m not sure I want to be healthy. If health is the feeling of immortality without the understanding of what it is to live then you can keep it.
I do not know how it feels to be a definition of health but I know how to feel. How to grab life with both hands and live it.

I can be scared, I can feel lonely, I can feel anger and pain and pity but I don’t ask why me because why not? I only know what I know, what life has given me and what I’ve chosen to take, I only know how to be healthy.