Our Aims

Being diagnosed with Cancer can be both a frightening and isolating experience, especially when your Cancer is rare, but talking to someone who has experienced similar surgery and the same treatment regime can help.

This can be particularly helpful during:

  • periods of hypothyroidism (living without any thyroid hormone)
  • treatment in isolation.

These currently are necessary elements in the treatment of Thyroid Cancer. However, it is envisaged that periods of hypothyroidism may be negated with the increasing use of Thyrogen (Recombinant Human TSH or rh TSH), a drug therapy.

To those who would seek it, we can offer information, support and encouragement. We cannot, however, provide medical advice.

By liaising with the medical profession we aim to promote a wider knowledge of the disease, to assist the improvement of the patient’s experience with Thyroid Cancer.

By working with other associated support organisations, the British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) and A.M.E.N.D. and sharing knowledge, we can ensure we are providing up-to-date information for our members.

The founder of Butterfly works in the Thyroid Cancer clinic at NCCC and is available for support, information and advice.