Karen’s Thoughts

KarenThank Goodness for Butterfly!

I realised today that it is exactly nine months to the day tomorrow that I went into hospital for the ‘goitre that was a tumour’ operation. The first few months after that were not the best to say the least so it is good to realise how much better I feel.

To anyone reading this who is newly diagnosed please hang on in there, it does get easier.

From a surgical point of view my hospital has been excellent but I had to do my own fact finding on Thyroid Cancer myself. I also desperately needed emotional support to cope with the shock.

I turned to the internet which most people will know has pros and cons and can scare the wits out of you, however, this is how I found Butterfly.

The personal stories were so positive, there were people with big tumours like mine who were ok and people like me who had been told on the day of their operation.

I have struggled with people telling me to be positive (well meaning though it is meant to be), not easy when you are reeling from shock and worried you are going to die.

It made me feel inadequate so it was immensely reassuring to read Kate’s story where she says how anxious and depressed she felt in the first few months. Knowing that someone else felt as I did made me feel stronger and more positive.

I have spoken to Kate via email and on the phone and she has been brilliant, full of encouragement, understanding and advice.

Before Christmas I realised I wasn’t 100% happy with my oncologist’s follow up so decided to seek a second opinion and I have been extremely grateful for Kate’s help and advice with this.