World Thyroid Cancer Rome June 2019

July 8th, 2019

World Thyroid Cancer Rome June 2019

BTCT was represented at the World Congress on Thyroid Cancer by Consultant Thyroid Cancer Surgeon Mr Peter Truran FRCS from the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.
Pete presented our work on the update of RAI rooms across the UK to make the patient experience better.

Pete says :
The conference kicked off with a brilliant session on thyroid cancer guidelines updates. This grounded all the doctors with a discussion about ‘where we are now’ and is a great place to start a conference like this. It is only by understanding current evidence and guidelines that can we hope to build and improve on them. Emphasis was on comparing guidelines across the world in including the BTA and broadly the guidelines are similar across the world with only subtle differences. This is reassuring that multiple experts in different countries have reviewed the evidence and arrived at the same conclusions.

This was followed by a discussion around real-life cases.

In the afternoon I presented the BTCT survey and radioiodine room improvement work to the conference. This was well received and many doctors from around the world admired the work that Butterfly has done in this area in so many UK centres. It has been a real privilege to present this work on behalf of Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

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