The Latest Clinical Trial for Thyroid Cancer is well under way

August 30th, 2017

The IoN trial is the only national clinical study of thyroid cancer in the UK. Funded by Cancer Research UK, it aims to show whether certain patients with well-differentiated thyroid cancer need radioiodine ablation or not, when they have already had their thyroid gland removed and are on hormone treatment.

The clinicians have been searching for a reliable answer to this important question affecting our patients for several decades. This trial led on from the previous national thyroid cancer study (HiLo) of 438 patients, also with well-differentiated thyroid cancer, which showed that low dose radioiodine was just as effective as the standard high dose.

Clinical practice worldwide changed as a result of HiLo, and the low dose is now standard. This would not have been possible without the essential involvement of the 438 UK patients who very kindly agreed to be part of this important trial.

The IoN study represents an opportunity to take part in another major UK study. There are 31 hospitals and many expert thyroid cancer doctors involved, and more than 345 patients have been recruited so far. If you are also interested in taking part please speak to your doctor at your local hospital, to see if they are already running the IoN study.

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