Butterfly welcomes its Second Patron

January 9th, 2008

081In May of last year Butterfly sought its first Patron. It was very important to us that this person had strong connections with the North East (for obvious reasons!).

We were delighted and honoured when His Grace the Duke of Northumberland agreed to do this for us.

Our founder had always had a second patron in mind and he/she had to be the top medical professional in the UK caring for people with Thyroid Cancer.

This person was Dr Clive Harmer FRCR FRCP.

Throughout the last seven years, ever since the inception of Butterfly, Kate knew that Dr Harmer was the perfect candidate for ‘the job’ but would he accept?

Following the Key Advances master class in Thyroid Cancer in December 2007, over dinner and after a few glasses of wine, Kate finally plucked up the courage to ask Dr Harmer if he could consider becoming our Patron. He said yes!

We are absolutely delighted and could not possibly have a better Patron for Butterfly. Many, many thanks to Dr Harmer. [January 2008]

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