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Find us on FacebookButterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust is the first national charity in the UK dedicated solely to the support of patients with Thyroid Cancer.

Helpline: 01207 545469
Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm

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Patients' Stories

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Preliminary Announcement

Butterfly will be hosting the first ever Thyroid Cancer Conference for PATIENTS on 5th December 2016 12.30-5pm in London.

Leading experts will be presenting sessions on all aspects of differentiated Thyroid Cancer (Papillary and Follicular).

There will be a session on the latest treatment for advance disease.

Patients will be able to interact with the doctors and ask questions.

Lunch and afternoon will be provided.

The conference is free for patients. We expect the day will be oversubscribed so to book your place please email us : enquiries@butterfly.org.uk

Latest News

Join us for the first Patient/ Doctor Thyroid Cancer UK Forum! Pleases are in great demand, contact us now : enquiries@butterfly.org.uk

Please take our new patient survey which looks at the information given to patients prior to RadioActive Iodine treatment. [Read more]

Dr Laura Moss from Velindre Hospital in Cardiff has launched the INATT website. The INatt project is looking into much needed research on Anapaestic Thyroid cancer.

Do you have Medullary Thyroid Cancer(MTC)? Please read Dr Moss’s information about the latest patient survey here: QaLM: Assessment of Quality of Life Tools in Medullary Thyroid Cancer Patients

Butterfly were delighted to receive a kind invitation to attend the annual meeting of BAETS.

Our CEO Kate Farnell was delighted to be involved and to contribute to Cancer 52’s project ‘Speaking up for Patients"

More news



The treatment protocols of thyroid cancer may differ between centres in the UK. The information on this website is for general guidance purposes only.

You should check with your own treatment centre for individual information.

New Thyroid Cancer Patient Information DVD

Watch "Thyroid Cancer Uncovered" clip

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust has produced the first ever comprehensive patient information film about Thyroid Cancer and is delighted to announce the launch of "Thyroid Cancer Uncovered: A Patient's Guide "!!

Demand for the film from patients is very high. They tell us that this is what they require at diagnosis.

The DVD is free to all UK patients, and Butterfly are asking all Thyroid Cancer clinicians for their kind support to offer a copy to their newly diagnosed patients.

A donation to help with production and shipping costs would be appreciated.

The film is a comprehensive step by step guide about the disease and treatment from diagnosis to long term follow up.

Its chapters are presented by leading UK Thyroid Cancer clinicians. We also follow four patient journeys.

The film has been endorsed by the BAETS, British Thyroid Association, British Thyroid Foundation, A.M.E.N.D., TCSG Wales, Hypopara UK and Thyroid Cancer Alliance.

More information [opens in a new window] | Email Kate.


Pfizer Excellence in Oncology Awards 2009: Commended

Winner of the Hospital Doctor of the Year Award 2007

Winner of the NHS 'Bright Ideas' Innovations Award 2007

Winner of the Pfizer Excellence in Oncology Awards 2006

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